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Wayne Wright has more than 20 years experience in the earthmoving industry and has intimate knowledge of the area.  We welcome inquiries and are pleased to provide consultation for you.

House Pads 

Most houses in Western Australia are build on heavily compacted "Sand pads."  W.C. & S.J. Wright Earthmoving creates such pads which are engineer certified.  A pad compaction certificate signed by a certified engineer will be required by the builder and local authoity before construction can commence.

 Shed Pads

Sheds benefit from a compacted sand pad, and you may elect to have a concrete slab poured.  Unlike house pads, these do not need to be engineer certified.

 Tank Pads

Many water tanks in Western Australia are also built on heavily compacted sand pads and will allow for level ground for the tank to be erected on. Unlike house pads, these do not need to be engineer certified.

 Septic Systems

There are multiple methods in use for managing and disposing of sewage and waste water.  These include deep sewage, septic systems and aerobic treatment units (ATU).  It is best to check with your local authority and plumber for which systems are approved for your block.  It is probable that some sort of pit and trench will be needed.  We recommend discussing the location with both your plumber and earth moving contractor.


A driveway will almost certainly be needed for a number of heavy trucks carrying sand and other building materials to get close to the envelope.  In some cases, a heavy duty, all weather driveway may be required before site works commence and can make your life easier as well.


Contouring land can make a more engaging landscape and guide water runoff during the rainy season. Contoured land is also easier to establish vegetation.


Rock walls can be built from rock sourced on your own property, if available.  This option can blend well into surrounding scenery, or be a showcase aspect of your property.

 Dam Construction

Dams can be as simple as a water feature or a source of agricultural water on a property. We recommend consulting to decide placement of your dam so that we can achieve your aims.

 Dam Clean-outs

Dams are often situated in a way that they collect surface runoff making it inevitable that they begin filling in. There may also be unwanted vegetation growing in your dam.  These issues are readily remedied with a clean-out.

 Excavation of Services Trenches

Most builders require that power and water supplies are connected to a point adjacent to the building envelope before work starts. Frequently, this will mean digging a trench in the ground at least 500mm wide and 600mm deep from the street to the envelope.  We recommend creating a quick checklist to ensure all relevant services are in the trench before filling.

Note: The Shire of Chittering defines the building envelope in TPS No. 6 as "an area of land within a lot marked on a plan approved by the responsible authority within which all buildings and effluent disposal facilities on the lot must be contained."


Before site works can really begin, the land must often be cleared in preparation, or maybe you have a smaller-scale clearing job you would like done.  Whether these jobs are large or small, W.C. & S.J. Wright Earthmoving is happy to hear from you!

 Site Clean-ups

Post-construction can leave behind unsightly debris that may be difficult to take care of on your own. W.C. & S.J. Wright Earthmoving can expedite site clean-up!

 Horse Arenas

Regional variation in the ground has huge impact on the building of horse arenas which makes Wayne's local knowledge very important.  We realise that what people want from their arenas can vary from person to person and look forward to helping you put together that arena you want!

 Cross Overs

Some Shires have specifications for cross overs.  We can help! 


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